the Quest

Picture of Pinocchio by Enrico Manzatti, 1853Pinocchio, the wooden puppet who dreamed of becoming a real little boy, is one of my all time heroes.

Most of us are familiar with this childhood classic that tells a tale of rebelliousness, truth telling, and self-discovery. In his quest to become “real,” Pinocchio struggled with both internal and external lessons in life.

Just prior to graduating from my masters program we were asked to do an integration project, pulling together what we had learned about becoming a therapist. We had learned a lot about technique and theory and keeping the appropriate distance between ourselves and our clients, but no one spoke about being real. Pinocchio and his journey became the centerpiece of my project.

Like Pinocchio, I wanted to be a real therapist, not wooden or operating by strings. And so Pinocchio became the core of my work as a marriage and family therapist. He is the centerpiece in how I think about connecting with you, how change occurs, and about the value of determination and honesty.

In therapy we will come together and I will support you as you face your challenges, learn new roles and patterns when relating to others, and as you grieve your losses. You will become more authentic and real in the process, claiming the parts of you that dare to be yourself, that touch and connect with others without pretense, and that has courage to grow beyond what you now know.

The part of me who has stumbled and risen is not afraid to challenge you to get real, to drop your masks, and to let go of your own strings. It is Pinocchio who teaches us that through wisdom and courage we can reach our dreams.

I look forward to meeting you, to taking the journey with you, and together we will embrace new and real possibilities.

(“Pinocchio” by Enrico Mazzanti first appeared in Le Adventurr di Pinocchio, 1883)

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