Picture of butterfly emerging from cacoonMost of us hold onto what we’ve learned over the years, whether it be the familiar but sometimes painful roles we play out in our relationships, the core view of ourselves, or the story we believe we were born into.

We hold on because sometimes we are afraid to let go.

Therapy can help you…

  • let go
  • heal wounds
  • embrace possibility

Therapy is…a place where you can challenge yourself to work past where you feel stuck and move beyond the familiar into a new paradigm. People respond to emotional wounds sometimes by turning inward, feeling powerless, sad, or depressed. Unresolved wounds can also be turned into bitterness, anger, and fear, causing the wounded to strike out and often create further pain and rejection for themselves.

Therapy is…a journey through exploring your experiences and feelings in a safe environment, allowing you to feel more peaceful and connected, moving through the grief and beyond.

Whether you are going through a life transition, a loss, disappointment in a relationship, or experiencing anxiety or depression, you have the resources within you to change your life.

Therapy invites you to change how you think, leading to a change in how you feel. It offers you a place to grieve. It helps tap into the parts of yourself that give you courage and strength to overcome personal struggle and to move through your fears.

Consider the possibility of change, a shifting of the sands.

Consider you!Line Art of Purple Flower